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“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”

We the Tejashwini Facility Management Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed organization. Also offering IFM –Integrated Facility Management Services relates arrangement for professional maintenance and upkeep of the property. People normally sense their quality of their life from the surroundings, environment and facilitates infrastructure in which they live. With a private ownership, we have remained to focused on the company's guiding principles and grown to meet the support service needs of the client requirement. Our distinctive approach of working with the clients and understanding their need.

Work is the most critical aspect that has kept the humans different from all other species. Every human has to work for their living, for realizing their dreams, for their success. One has to work hard as well as smart, to excel and accomplish their goals. Work is the only way to ensure one’s vertical mobility. Work is the only differentiator and the disruptor.

Work is the one which gives one his persona, standing, stature and satisfaction. So, at Tejashwini Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. (TFM), We Worship Work. This is our DNA.

Enabling customers to concentrate on their core business by becoming a preferred partner for all non core activities. Also we providing the value addition services with latest systems and technology.

Hence, we have trained, groomed and ingrained this philosophy in every member of the work force we bring in so that every member of TFM we serve you with, and the range of services we proffer, adds value to your company, at every step.

TFM, through its extensive ground network and training facilities, ensures unhindered sourcing and servicing of the needed manpower and through its technological integration, strictly adheres to all compliances, thus enabling our clients to have a hassle-free functioning and enhanced productivity.

Our two decades of services and a continued, long term relationship with our esteemed clients stand testimony to it.


Adding value to the workforce who add value to the companies who in turn add value to the nation.


Building holistic ecosystem and network that selects and develops the right workforce for the right job and expanding it across India, and be a one-stop solution to the companies’ all workforce needs.

M.S Ramakrishna
Managing Director

To emerge as a world class brand in providing the ‘integrated facility services’ in INDIA by delivering wide range of services that exceed client expectations and play a significant role in the development Indian economy.


Born to a primary school teacher in the countryside in Mysore district of Karnataka, within a large, extended family, M S Ramakrishna took to work due to domestic compulsions in his final year of B.Sc. Having imbibed the ideals of his teacher-father, he believed, “Work and nothing but the work can alleviate the economic difficulties his large family was going through”.

After having tried various work options for years, he realized that the workforce from the rural and low-income groups lacked the right job opportunities and were either unemployed or underemployed mainly due to the lack of awareness about the job opportunities, and also suffered from lack of confidence and job skills.

Having joined the workforce himself at 20 years, he took a few more years to understand the constraints and challenges being faced by the industries on the one hand, and the workforce on the other hand.

Then he evolved ways and measures to bridge the gap. Totally an unorganized industry till then, he ventured into structured and organized manpower sourcing solutions in and around Mysore district, in 1990s, through M/s. Tejashwini Enterprises.

This work, he calls, is his calling. This work is what he has been worshipping since then.

As a result, at Tejashwini Facility Management, TFM, now rechristened, the total workforce has grown close to 20,000 and the client base, which includes top national and multinational companies, has grown multifold, and his area of operations has been gradually expanding across India.

M S Ramakrishna, popularly called MSR, and his company have been awarded by the Income Tax Department and other statutory authorities for 100% compliances. In fact, it’s a matter of pride that this company’s compliance track record has always been 100%.

As the company started progressing, it is also strengthened by bringing several professionals and consultants on board towards realizing its vision and mission and foraying into new areas of manpower sourcing and services, making it integrated and holistic.

Despite being in this industry and enterprise for over two decades, MSR says, “My work has just begun.”

Why you want to be chose TFM and benefits by us

  • Provide a more flexible Service Model
  • Reduce management complexity
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Legal liabilities minimized.
  • To satisfy the needs of the individual and businesses we serve.
  • To develop long-term client relationships and serve as trusted partner.
  • By outsourcing Facility Management Services companies can focus on their core business without any interruptions.

Tejashwini Facility Management Pvt. Ltd., a leading Integrated Facility Management Service Provider in India offers a complete array of services through “In-house Trained Manpower” to corporate houses and the community at large.